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CNC BALLSCREWS & BEARING CO. PVT. LTD. is India's premier producer and supplier of automation products for the CNC Machine Tool Industry.

Established in 1987 in India, CNC BALLSSCREWS & BEARING CO. PVT. LTD. has set high standards in the field of linear motion. Our precision Ball Screws and WIESEL drive units are renowned product leaders in the field of Engineering Design. We have established a state of the art “Technology Center” for Precision Ballscrews, Automation and low cost Robotics in Pune. In addition, our Company has an exclusive SHOWROOM & SERVICE CENTRE in Pune, to meet the growing expectations of our valued customers desiring to use our value added products. Our diverse range of products is supplemented by a range of matching accessories that transforms the products into complete system kits. In-house development, design and production using state of-the-art technology ensure the very best in quality and durability.

Our unique design enables us to replace any worldwide make of CNC Machine Ballscrews. Advantages of patented design features enhance load carrying capacities as also enhanced working life.

We have been serving the Indian Industry for over 20 years providing Precision Ballscrews (92% to the O.E.M.) as well as for maintenance and conversion of machines to CNC. At the heart of Indian CNC Machine Tools, we have a unique recognition, in that we have had “zero defect” in performance in over 20 years. German technology par excellence. Our ballscrews perform non-stop in Indian CNC Machine Tools under demanding conditions.

We deliver ballscrews “within 24 hours to a maximum of 7 days”, to DIN 69051 standards.

Our qualified advisory service is on hand to assist every customer when planning and choosing systems, while our high-speed repair service ensures that defective systems are ready for use again as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment
Our concentrated innovative strength guarantees the availability of advanced technologies with which to solve every drive and automation problem there is today, and in the future, forming the basis for your linear actuation success.

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